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Dyamo Water Polo Tournament 2010

Dynamo Power Bar 2010 Tournament

Orlando Water Polo played hard at Dynamo this year, but could not seem to get it together at the right moments! Frustrating, but you know how it goes - sometimes you play a really good match in which your team seems to develop pre-cognitive abilities and storms the pool, but sometimes you just can't get there in time and don't recover over the course of the game. Hopefully next time we'll do better.

Doesn't matter whether you're updating after a loss at a major tournament's final table or sadly posting the tournament results of a water polo event to the team site - all defeat should motivate your team to try even harder next time. It's all about that last big push. Attached are the results of the tournament as provided by Stuart Sheldon of Dynamo Water Polo in Atlanta!

Download Press Release for Dyano Water Polo Tournament

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Orlando Napa-Style Masters Tournament

The 1st annual Orlando Water Polo Masters “Napa-style” Masters Tournament will be
held on Saturday/Sunday, January 29-30, 2011 at the YMCA Aquatic Center (8422
International Drive, Orlando, FL). The tournament is open to men 30+ and women 25+
and will be limited to 100+/- players.



Puerto Rico Wins

Congratulations to the Puerto Rico National Team for taking 1st Place this year!!! Thanks to all that
participated this year. It was a great time.  See you next Year! All of the scores are posted!  Thanks again to the YMCA Aquatic Center and the Radisson Resort for all of you support!



Halloween Tournament Schedule

Group A
PR Nat
ORL Blue
Group B
ORL Silver
Loyola B
Group C
Loyola A
ORL Black


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2010 Halloween Tournament

Orlando Waterpolo 3rd Annual Halloween Men’s Open Tournament in
Orlando. Florida. There are 16 Teams, including 3 Puerto Rican Teams and 1 Team from Colombia.  There are alot of new faces this year including



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