2014 Halloween YCF Invitational Tournament


The 7th annual Orlando Water Polo Halloween Tournament will be held on Saturday/Sunday, October 25-26, 2014 at the YMCA Aquatic Center (8422 International Drive, Orlando, FL). The tournament is an invitational so please e-mail Robert Fuller if interested.


AGE GROUP: Mens Open

DATE: Saturday/Sunday, October 25-26, 2014

YMCA Aquatic Center
8422 International Drive
Orlando, Florida 32819
Phone: 407-363-1911.

The YMCA Aquatic Center is the home of Orlando Water Polo and YCF Swimming and Diving.

TEAMS: Teams will be limited to 18 players each.

 Games will be played in the Olympic size pool of the YMCA Aquatic Center. All matches will be 4 quarters of 6 minutes each with one 30-second time-out, and 1- minute between quarters and half.

 Fall weather in Orlando can vary. It all depends on whether the tropical or Artic weather systems are active. Please check your favorite weather forecast for weather in the area that weekend.

 Entry fee for this event is $450 per team. Each team will be assured of 4 games.


Equipment: Game balls will be provided. Teams need to provide their own caps. They should be numbered 1-18 and should have a red #1 for the goalkeeper. No warm-up balls will be provided.

Awards: Team Trophies will be awarded to the teams placing first and second.

Competition Schedule: Game times will be communicated after all entries have been received. This information will be posted five days prior to the first day of the tournament. All teams should plan to be available to compete from 7:00am on the first day of the tournament through 6:00pm on the final day of the Tournament.

Rules and Code of Ethics: All games will be played under USAWP rules.

The duration of the game shall be four periods each of six minutes of actual play until Championship Day when game quarters will be 7 minutes.

The Tournament will follow the USA Water Polo Code of Conduct for athletes, coaches and officials.

LODGING: Check Back

Tournament Deadlines: October 20, 2014 TEAM ENTRIES – USWP Verified Roster

Closing date for entries is October 13, 2014. YCF Water polo MUST receive complete entries and entry fees by October 17, 2012.

Please send entry fees to: checks made out to Orlando Water Polo
Daniel Fontana
6030 Roseate Spoonbill Dr
Windermere, FL  34786

Or you may make a payment via Paypal to:
**if paying via Paypal entry fee is $480.

Initial roster verification by October 20, 2014, enables USA Water Polo to review rosters in a timely manner, identify any roster issues or inconsistencies, and work with those involved to resolve any issues prior to the Tournament.

Roster Information:

All clubs, athletes and team managers must be currently registered with USA Water Polo; all coaches must be currently registered Coach Members of USA Water Polo. Please visit www.usawaterpolo.org to register your athletes. If your team is from a foreign country, you must be in good standing with your national federation

Roster Rules:

1. The maximum roster size is eighteen (18) players.

2. The Final Verified Roster must contain the cap numbers the players will wear throughout the Tournament. Cap #1 is the primary goalkeeper; Caps 2-18 are for field players unless there is a substitute goalkeeper who shall wear a red Cap #13 or 1A, if competing. A player shall not change their cap number during the Tournament, except with the permission of a referee and with notification to the secretary.

3. Players must wear the same cap number designated on the Final Verified Roster throughout the Tournament.

4. No one is allowed to participate in the Tournament unless they are on the Final Verified Roster of up to 18 players, a Head Coach, an Assistant Coach and Team Leader or a second Assistant Coach.

5. Names may be deleted from the Final Verified Roster, but cannot be added after the Final Closing Date.

6. The roster must specify the name of the Head Coach and Assistant Coach and/or Assistant Coach and Team Manager.

7. If any participant (player, coach, or team manager) has a sanction pending, such information must be provided to Orlando Water Polo prior to the Final Closing Date.
The Tournament will be seeded and drawn immediately following the close of final entries. All clubs with more than one team entered must submit separate verified rosters for each team entered and must differentiate between the teams on the entry form.

Additional Information/Questions:

If you need any additional information or have questions, please contact:

Daniel Fontana, Orlando Water Polo
Email: daniel@orlandowaterpolo.com or by phone at 321.438.9342

Robert Fuller, Orlando Water Polo
Email: fulla10@gmail.com  or by phone at 321.363.6067

2014 YCF Halloween Invitational


Past Results:


1st – NYAC

2nd – Miami Beach

3rd – Valle Columbia



1st – Valle Columbia

2nd – Loyola

3rd – Miami Beach



1st – Miami Beach

2nd – Riptide

3rd – Loyola



1st – NYAC

2nd – FIU

3rd – Loyola A



1st – Puerto Rico National Team

2nd – Loyola A

3rd – Riptide



1st – Riptide

2nd – Loyola

3rd – Patriot

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